Informal Settlement Upgrading
Project Details
The application entailed the following:
  • Subdivision (which resulted in a change of zoning)
  • (Re)zoning of the proposed subdivisions to various zonings
  • Withdrawal/ amendment/ (partial) cancellation of various plans of subdivision, General Plans and SG Diagrams, including the closure of public streets and public places
  • Relaxation of building lines
Project Extent/ Scale
This development formed part of various pilot projects implemented in all nine Provinces to address the upgrading of informal settlements.
The planned development areas are indicated on map D139.01. These areas included Ou Boks (an existing informal settlement) that was to be formalised, New Brighton and Asnekthat was to be replanned/ upgraded, and two new (greenfields) areas that was to be the source of new erven to accommodate the overflow from the aforementioned overcrowded areas.
The development was phased and comprised 5 extensions in an effort to ease administrative procedures and to ensure that the project could get underway quicker.
The proposed layout plans were discussed extensively with all interested and affected parties, including Provincial Government departments, as identified in the user guidelines to the Northern Cape Planning and Development Act, 1998 (Act 7 of 1998). Upon the finalization of the layout plan, final extension numbers and erf numbers were reserved at the Surveyor General to assist the Council to allocate final erf numbers at the earliest possible date.
Total number of erven planned (all land uses): 2 357
Phases I and II:
  • Surveyed;
  • General Plans approved;
  • Township Registers opened.
Phase III:
  • Surveyed;
  • General Plans are being scrutinized by the Surveyor General (Bloemfontein);
  • Township Registers to be opened.
Phases IV and V:
  • Surveys to be completed once people have relocated to other Phases (Phases I-III). ​