Cooperation Agreements


LMV has a Joint Venture agreement with LMV Townplanners

LMV has active cooperation agreements with other companies in the building industry, enabling it to render turnkey services.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)




Extensive use is made of computer-aided drawing (CAD) and design technology.

Our software is capable of interpreting (importing and exporting) a wide range of software systems enabling us to exchange data with other specialists.

Complete system backups are scheduled on a programmed basis to reduce the chance of data corruption and loss.

Backups are stored off-site.


Engineering and Town Planning surveys are performed using our own Total Station.

Our data storage capacity currently exceeds 5 Terabyte.

Our LAN is extended through a secure wireless network.


Our offices are linked using VPN via the Internet (ADSL) to unify and increase our production ability.